Joe Corretti, master builder of Race Engines for 30 years...
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  707 CI - 900 HP at 5800 RPM's providing 930 Ft. Lbs. of Torque with single Dominator Carb &
                                                           runs on 93 Octane...
                Produces 800 HP at 4500 RPMS, makes great Mid Range Power for cruising &
                           has great Throttle Response without the use of a Blower...
                               Idles at 950 RPMS for making docking a Pleasure....
                    This is a Custom Built Engine & has the Best of Performance Parts....
       Call Joe for more info on this New Custom Built Performance Engine....631 786-3468
                           New From Corretti Racing Engines!!!
    Monster Custom Engines         Raw Power with Fuel Efficiency

*598 CI. - 800 HP
*Single Dominator Carb
*Aluminum Heads
*93 Octane

                 Custom Built Poker Run Edition Engines
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*565 CI. - 850 HP with 8-71 Blower on 7 lbs. Boost
*Custom Grind Roller Cam
*Stainless Severe Duty Valves
*Steel Crank & H Beam Rods
*12 Qt. Oil Pan

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*502 CI - 525 HP
*Custom Hydraulic
Roller Cam
*Cast Iron Heads
*Single Carb

             Boat Portraits,
      Painted in exact detail by
           Jo-Ann Corretti
Voted Best Artist of Long Island
To Order Your commissioned
   Boat Portrait from your best 
    photo, Please call  Jo-Ann       
         631 786-3467
  To see more of Jo-Ann's Original                          Paintings or Prints of
         Long island, just click on
  565CI. - 650HP.
       at 5600
* 93 Octane
*Cast Iron Heads
* Custom Grind                  Roller Cam
*Single Carb

516 523-5414 cell
29' Scarab with a single 565 ci. 650 HP            Corretti Racing Engine...
Speed increased 18 mph over factory 502 EFI.
Sound System & GPS installed by
          Xtreme Auto Sounds

    Aaron out for the day on his 32' Hustler
Powered by two 622 Ci-800HP Corretti Racing         Engines, making a 100 MPH pass...
                      Nice Run Aaron...
496CI - 525HP

      The Stainless is so
      bright & Shiny that
     you need Sunglasses
    Pair of Engines...496CI - 525HP
     Installed in a 38 Formula SR1
       Xtreme Auto Sounds & Security
            Marine Sound Systems,
        LED Marine Lighting & more
      The Latest from
*Corretti Racing Engines*
  Pair of 565 CI - 675 HP
        93 Octane...
  New Designed Remote
  Oil  Filter mounted on
  front Cylinder Head for
    easy accessibility
     *Pair of 565 CI - 650 HP
    *CMI Sport Tube Headers
      *Front Remote Oil Filter
*Braided Oil & Cooling Hoses